Brian Cain President

The call is clear, the need is overwhelming, and the time is short. Jesus has entrusted His followers, the Church, with the commission of reaching our world with the gospel of the Kingdom.

He has done this in order to make disciples, replicating the character and ministry of Jesus Himself.

Our immediate mission field is the Central Valley where less than 20% of our population attend church on any given Sunday. This is far less than the percentage of attendance in countries like Nigeria and Haiti. Our challenge has been to make disciples and prepare people for vocational as well as marketplace ministry at a point in life when they have families, mortgages, and responsibilities which prevent uprooting and going to Bible College or Seminary.

We believe that like produces like; and while Christians should reproduce Christians, churches should reproduce churches. Therefore Central Valley School of Ministry was founded from within the local church and exists to serve all local churches in the area in raising up leaders and pastors who will help many local churches reproduce themselves.

Not only will Central Valley School of Ministry help to meet the ministry needs of our area, but we believe God will even send our graduates to the nations. We are a global-minded School of Ministry attempting to make global-minded disciples. 

I pray that you will consider how the school can further equip you for works of ministry and I look forward to meeting you and serving you as we labor together for God’s glory.

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